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ATS System
98% of recruitment agencies with 10 recruiters or more use an industry leading Applicant Tracking System. The percentage was significantly lower at 76% for agencies with lesser recruiters.
It’s time to save the HR manual workload with the industry leading software that promises 100% value and seamless handling of HR services.

The Top Applicant Tracking System that Promises 100% Cutting Edge Industry Advantage

Source the right candidates without delay and hassles.


“2021 is the year to digest the monumental shift in hiring and the influence of technology in how hiring is done. Recruiters are now preparing to respond tothe crisis of 2020. The LakeB2BConnect software is highly recommended, top software with greater results.”


CMO, IT Industry

The Best Business Outcomes


Reduction in time-to-hire


Reduction in cost-to-hire


Improvement in quality-of-hire


Improvement in Balance of work methods

It’s time to take better decisions by following a structured recruitment process. An efficient recruitment process is structured, collaborative and data-driven and the top features like Recruitment software,ATS software, and Dashboard reporting

With LakeB2BConnect , Engage all stakeholders, keep track of talent pipeline and generate insightful hiring reports all on the same platform.

Find Top Profiles in
the Shortest Possible Time

Completely customizable applicant tracking system that helps you organize your recruitment activities in a fraction of seconds. Get a bird's eye view of recruitment process, plan your hiring well in advance and build talent pipeline for all your jobs and vacant positions.

Applicant Tracking System

Engage better and convey
streamlined communication

employeeAstar create a responsive recruitment process to engage candidates on multiple platforms ensuring that they do not miss out on important messages.

Applicant Tracking Software

It’s a Happy World for Job Seekers and Job Givers with Applicant Tracking System

Organizations like yours attract hundreds of resumes for a single job opening, leading to a tough hiring process. The hiring managers eventually rely on the recruitment workforce to sort the resumes to find the right candidates.

Now that’s one hell of a process.

ATS software

LakeB2BConnect ’s ATS (Application Tracking System) is generally used to ease the workload of recruiters and hiring managers in the following tasks:

  • Sorting the numerous resumes received on a daily basis
  • Providing better recordkeeping of employees, thus making the process of tracking information much easier
  • Organizing and saving resumes for future use
  • Sending emails to applicants to either schedule the interview or inform them that they didn’t make it to the selected list
Staffing Agency Software

Staffing Agency Software

No more tedious tasks, simplify hiring with LakeB2BConnect like never before

  • The well-thought and versatile, LakeB2BConnect ’s Recruitment software helps in-house hiring managers and recruitment agencies to manage and streamline the process of job posting, sourcing candidates, resume evaluation.
  • The tasks are not tedious and are simplified in layman’s terms. Most of the recruitment tools are aimed to automate the recruitment process and the repetitive, tedious tasks that inevitably go along with it. LakeB2BConnect ’s day to-day technology eliminates routine paperwork; human resources staff gets more resources for both improving the quality of the hiring process and investing time for self-development.
  • Along with increased recruitment teams’ productivity, hiring tools help improve candidate experience levels and ensure a positive impression of the brand. According to leading research papers, organizations with strong employer brands see a 28% reduction in the organization’s turnover and get 50% more qualified candidates.
  • For those hiring technical talent for IT or technology-based job roles, the talent shortage is among the most pressing issues. Hence, recruitment software becomes even more essential to make fast and confident hiring decisions and avoid missing out on a top candidate because you weren’t quick enough.
  • There are now hundreds of startup and enterprise-grade recruitment solutions with seemingly identical functionality available for recruitment teams. Apparently, with so many options present in the HR tech market, it becomes challenging to pick the most suitable software. To simplify the selection and buying process, Employeastar Recruitment Software System selects the best recruiting tools for different stages of the recruitment life cycle to match both your budget and expectations.
Recruitment Software

ATS software

Nothing but the best candidature suitable for your organization with LakeB2BConnect ATS Software

  • Each system varies, but our applicant tracking systems utilize keywords to sort and rank applications or resumes. Hiring managers can choose keywords to find matches in submitted applications, helping distinguish most qualified candidates whose work experience is most closely aligned with qualifications in a job posting.
  • Our industry standards have resulted in an Applicant tracking systems that are known for their ability to import resumes and weed out unqualified applicants. However, applicant tracking systems and ATS software can also be used in every aspect of the recruiting process, including posting jobs, creating email marketing, and tracking potential candidates.
  • An ATS works as a filter for applications and resumes. If a company receives dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of applications, an ATS can sort through them all to find the ones those most relevant to certain filters applied by a hiring manager. It does this by dividing the resume or application into parts, such as education, work experience, and skills. It then scans those sections and selects the ones with the highest amount of keyword or filter matches. Once an application is approved by an ATS, it is recommended to the hiring manager.

Dashboard Reporting

Share the best business insights with the LakeB2BConnect ’s Dashboard Reporting

The most effective dashboard tools from LakeB2BConnect can help you gain the following benefits:

  • Get the most value from your data: With so much data flowing into your organization, turning it into valuable insights is a challenge. Dashboards can help you make sense of it all so you can make the decisions that move your business forward.
  • Increase data literacy: Creating a data-driven culture benefits the entire organization. Dashboards make it easy for employees of all skill levels to explore trends, share insights and take action for the best business outcomes.
  • Land more executive approvals: While dashboards can help you better respond to changes in your business, they can also help you get buy-in from key stakeholders by presenting key KPIs to them in a way they can understand.
Dashboard Reporting
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