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When it comes to recruiting the best fit for a job position, emotions cannot be relied upon. LakeB2BConnect offers the answer to all recruitment-related woes – our premium Applicant Tracking System or ATS Software. Replace all gut feelings with informed decisions and welcome the one that fits the bill!

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS Software)?

Recruitment Agency Software

A most valuable Human Resources tool, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS Software) is a cloud recruitment software meant to make life easier for recruiters and hiring managers. The software does this is by collecting and sorting applicant resumes, helping recruiters conduct examinations and shortlist candidates for interviews, and finally, hiring and onboarding of the selected candidates for their respective job positions.

Why do You Need a Staffing Agency Software?

Hiring the right candidate for the right position at the right time, crucial as it is, can be a massive challenge, especially with hundreds of resumes pouring in at a time. With the right cloud recruitment software, you can say goodbye to tedious manual entry and automate and fast-forward the entire recruitment process without compromising on the quality of the hire.

How does Cloud Recruitment Software Work?

Premium cloud recruitment software comes loaded with multifaceted features, each exclusively injected to streamline the hiring process, both for recruiters and job applicants. Some of the tasks an Applicant Tracking System can perform on your behalf are creating job postings and publishing them on relevant boards and platforms, screening applicant resumes, storing applicant information and tracking status, shortlisting candidates for interview, and simplifying the final stages of recruiting, up until on-boarding.

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Recruitment Software

Cloud recruitment software
Benefits of Cloud Recruitment Software

An Applicant Tracking System offers the following benefits –

  • Shorter Time-to-Hire – streamlines and automates processes like job posting, tracking candidate applications, etc.
  • Lower Cost-per-Hire – Automates several administrative tasks, thereby reducing human hours to fill such positions and hence, costs associated with it
  • Better Quality-of-Hire – Speeds up the recruitment process to help you snatch the best candidates out there
  • Disparate Candidate Review Process – Eliminates gut feelings and guesswork by introducing an objective approach to candidate assessment
  • User-Friendly Design – includes top-notch features such as email automation, drag-and-drop, among others

Why Choose LakeB2BConnect   

With LakeB2BConnect ’s premium Staffing Agency software, you get over 20 service modules designed to make recruitment a breeze and improve candidate experience. Our services include resume parsing, powerful searchbilling calendars, vendor management system, Email and SMS integration, and a whole lot more!

Staffing Agency Software

Source the Right Fit across Multiple Channels

LakeB2BConnect understands that your organization’s success hinges solely upon bringing home the right fit. And since the ideal candidate can be practiced anywhere, our Applicant Tracking System will give you access to a wide talent pool that extends across multiple job boards and relevant recruitment platforms.

Manage Candidates across the Recruitment Process

We understand that with hundreds of resumes pouring in from all directions, managing candidates can become a challenge. Our cloud-based recruitment software will give you a holistic view of candidates through the hiring pipeline so that you never lose track of any.

Remove ‘Unmindful’ Bias from the Hiring Process

By offering you an entirely data-driven approach to applicant assessment, our Applicant Tracking System helps remove all unconscious biases that relies on instinct and emotion. Make an objective assessment of candidates to choose the ideal fit for your organization.

Keep Others in the Loop

Back and forth communication can be tiresome. EmployAstar’s cloud-based recruitment software will help you seamlessly collaborate with the rest of the hiring team by giving everyone access to all candidate information and status and collecting structured feedback. Keep all your hiring discussions at a single place.

Keep Track of Important Metrics

Via time to hire reporting, you can get meaningful data at the click of a button and at the time you need it the most. Get real-time reports and insights on job board effectiveness, post-hire performance, channels to invest in, among others.

Automate Workflows

You can autopilot your workflow on EmployAstar’s cloud-based recruitment software. By automating daily tasks using a pre-defined time and criteria, you can streamline the entire recruitment process for the day. Forget about mundane tasks and direct your attention to what matters the most.

Who Stands to Benefit?

EmployAstar’s cloud-based recruitment solution has a database that spans across industries, unlike others that are industry-specific. This is because our software is built upon the advanced and powerful platform of Salesforce. Find candidates from sectors like Banking and Finance, Education, Information Technology (IT), Real Estate, and more. Our lightning-fast recruitment agency software is the most beneficial for –

  • Staffing agencies
  • Contract staffing needs
  • Corporate HRs and
  • Campus Hiring Requirements

Does a Cloud Recruitment Software Dehumanize the Recruitment Process?

Besides all the benefits, we understand that the question plaguing most recruiters and candidates alike is whether an Applicant Tracking System takes away the human element from the recruitment process. Thankfully, despite being technology, a cloud recruitment software solution still mimics the human thought process so as to not dehumanize the hiring process.

The software is not meant to dictate the workflow or communication, but simply to be an extension of a recruiter’s work. It is supposed to lighten the load of screening through hundreds of resumes, freeing recruiters to be available for important tasks such as attracting and acquiring talented candidates whilst monotonous tasks and paperwork are handled by the cloud recruitment software.

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