Interview Scheduling Software

LakeB2BConnect ’s interview scheduling tool you can schedule complex interviews in seconds and empower your team to hire faster

Interview Scheduling Software

Interview Scheduling Software to efficiently organize interviews with potential candidates

Interview scheduling software, automates the new candidates interview scheduling process. It helps HR personnel and recruiters streamline the job interview process and eliminates back-and-forth emails and time-intensive phone calls. It is an effective tool for modern recruiters to view upcoming interview schedules in real time. LakeB2BConnect ’s interview scheduling software integrates with our applicant tracking system to create one streamlined platform. This easy to use software helps recruiters manage interviewers’ time, track candidate experience, post jobs, manage resume and schedule interviews. Our software shortens the length of the overall hiring process by reducing the time spent waiting for a response.

With LakeB2BConnect ’s interview scheduling software recruiters can organize interviews with potential candidates more efficiently. This enables recruiters to improve their processing time, reduces administrative tasks, collaborate effectively with co-workers and keep track of all interviews on one platform. HR managers can use LakeB2BConnect ’s Interview Scheduling Tool to schedule interviews with candidates and team members avoiding constant exchange of emails or phone calls. It allows team members to sync their calendars to avoid scheduling conflicts. It integrates all phases of the hiring process in a centralized location for team members to comment or offer feedback on each candidate.

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Key Features LakeB2BConnect ’s interview scheduling software

Automated Alerts

With LakeB2BConnect ’s Interview Scheduling Tool you can customize your alerts based on frequency, messaging and the number of intervals and also provide links to showcase your brand.

Syncs with ATS

It will seamlessly sync your calendar across all devices and integrate with your current ATS a swell.

Accurate Interview Scheduling

Interviewer can access up-to-date calendars so that you don’t spend time sending emails. You can also consider the types of interviews that you want schedule, such as one-on-one, group, etc. that aligns with your organization’s hiring team.

Excellent Customer Support

A value adds for investing in LakeB2BConnect ’s interview scheduling software is you will get excellent customer support team who will be available to help you if you face any challenges with the software.

Use interview scheduling software to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks

Organizations should consider using LakeB2BConnect ’s interview scheduling software to schedule interviews and avoid late follow-ups. It will help hiring managers to communicate effectively with candidates and improve hiring process. They can speed up the hiring process and respond faster. By effectively using the software it can reduce the time spent on administrative tasks done by the HR department. Moreover, they can spend their time focusing on improving candidate experience or devising the next recruiting plans.

Various companies can also benefit from LakeB2BConnect ’s interview scheduling software. It is a great tool to improve your team’s performance and to make your business a sure success. It is a comprehensive recruiting platform suitable for SMEs companies and for big corporates to control their system effectively.

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Interview Scheduling Software

Benefits of LakeB2BConnect ’s interview
scheduling software



Candidates will have the flexibility to choose an interview time and date that fits into their schedule making the software flexible and convenient for your potential hire.



Using Interview Scheduling Tool saves a lot of applicants’ time, reduces human errors such as overlapping interview times and booking interviews, and entering incorrect candidate information.



It keeps candidates and members of the hiring team updated and well informed for interview times. It also sends auto-reminders to hiring managers for feedback on specific candidates.

Faster Hiring

Faster Hiring

It has a centralized place for comments and evaluations from each team member involved in the hiring process. After interviewing the candidate, the faster you complete the interview, the quicker you can hire the best talent available for your organization.

Time Saver

Time Saver

New candidates will receive interview requests to their email address and once they accept, it is updated on everyone’s calendars. Moreover, ATS software will automatically send interview scheduling email saving a lot of hiring teams time and resources.

interview Schedules Software

Effortlessly Schedules Interviews

With interview scheduling software it is convenient to schedule interviews. Therefore, it is the most essential software for organizations where receiving multiple resumes, and sorting them to find the best hire consumes a lot of time.

How does the LakeB2BConnect ’s Interview Scheduling software work?

  • HR Managers can set up interview calendar and let your interviewees pick a time
  • Candidates can select interviewers based on their skill sets
  • The software integrates with the calendars of interviewers, so candidates can select their preferred date/time or they can even reschedule their interview.
  • When candidates select their preferred date and time for their interviews it automatically syncs with everyone’s calendars making sure that everyone’s on the same page.
  • Feedback from the hiring team is quickly captured by automatically interrogating meetings after the interviews.

LakeB2BConnect ’s interview scheduling tool eliminates scheduling confusion and it allows all interviewers to sync their calendars according to their availability. You can communicate directly with your candidates which helps your hiring team to avoid unprepared candidates.

So, invest in our interview scheduling software and make the entire hiring process simple for your HR team. You can contact us for more details.

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