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Get 100% insights on a global talented workforce that can help you reap more profits, scale the business up, and add manpower to your organization

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9/10 Clients Prefer to Communicate & Manage with Vendors via Our VMS

Optimize the Vendors

Implement our Vendor Management System to simplify the way you manage contracts, irrespective of industry or departments. Seamlessly keep tabs on serviceproviders and their contresponsibilities assigned to each vendor. VMS cant’ get any simpler than this.

Streamline Effective Communication

The VMS displays all active contracts and updates with all the vendors on the dashboard, it’s very easy to establish effective communication with them and you can check on on the progress of each one. Automated notifications for contracts that are on the brink of expiry will help you renew them on time, ensuring that the flow of work is uninterrupted

Maintain Critical Databases

Organizing and modifying critical vendor information is of utmost importance based on the project type and their work with it. You have the flexibility of assigning individual employees to each vendor to act as a point of contact, and keeptabs on the vendor's track record in terms of efficiency, punctuality, and so on.

Our VMS System Automates Your Current Processes, Saving You Time and Money

  • Get in touch to explore LakeB2BConnect ’s Vendor Management System (VMS) and where it fits into your procurement scene
  • Understand why and how’s of implementing a VMS System for your organization
  • Know how to select the best VMS provider

Our experts at LakeB2BConnect will help you understand the technological capabilities that can help your vendors externally. VMS affects your bottom line and helps you in the success of your business. The world of manual processes is so passé. With technology, you can now streamline human processes, remove the human errors, and open the door to greater cost savings, visibility, compliance, and more. By implement vendor management software, to automate many steps in the procurement cycle, payments and much more.

A great Vendor Management System helps in reporting and analytics capabilities are a powerful component of LakeB2BConnect . Your company data is of utmost importance and a good VMS will help you tell it. Now you can easily share insight with stakeholders, modernize processes, and make better business decisions based on facts rather than assumptions. At LakeB2BConnect , we are committed to helping businesses simplify the complex world of managing vendors

The VMS system will help you:

Engage Your Vendors Effectively

Now you can use LakeB2BConnect ’s most effective and accessible communications channels that allow for quick and easy interaction between managers and the contractors they work with.

Do Impactful Project Management

Whatever you need the Vendor Management System to do, it shall right from convenient tool for task assignment, process tracking, work coordination and other functionalities of agile project management and collaboration platform.

Manage Payrolls like a Boss

EmployAstar’s simple and efficient processes to organize vendor and contractor payments, contracts and expenses.

Empowered Procurement Software For Your Business

Automate procuring process via procurement software designed with unique & robust features to enhance your business operation in the digital era.

Say Goodbye To Manual And Boring Tasks

Simplify the manual processing and ease your life by cutting down on human errors with India's no.1 cloud-based Procurement Software. Apart from creating PO in seconds to managing vendors and initiating payments, this software also allows you to check approvals, complete payments, match invoices to their packing slips and much more.

Not Easy

Vendor Management System has never been easier

  • Seamlessly Onboard and Operate Vendors
  • Identify Areas of Costing
  • Comprehensive Third-Party Risk Management
  • Best Practice Implementation Advice
  • DIY Vendor Reports
  • Customizable Business Platforms
  • Secure Built in Messaging & Automation

Your Business Needs a Seamless CRM system

If your organization is distributed and deals with multiple domains and their processes and control costs across different geographies, business units and departments, LakeB2BConnect ’s VMS is a perfect solution to seamlessly manage your entire vendors at one place.


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