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Have you ever faced a problem of searching jobs through various job portals? It gets really confusing as there are so many portals. It’s really hard to keep the track of candidates through so many portals. LakeB2BConnect ’s portal integration tools lets you search through all the job portals at once.

In this way you can go through all the possible candidates through one single portal. It also lets you choose and segregate all the possible candidates from all various websites. Another benefit of such portals is the outreach, as all the portals could be assessed from a single place hence, you can reach more and more candidates at once.

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Presenting information collected from internal and external sources to target a specific set of people based on their credentials is called portal solution. Moreover it saves the time that is wasted in checking every portal one by one. It allows you to devote your precious time in going through the minute details and find the candidate that fits your requirement

The key features of the portal integration are:

  • You get a centralized access to all the relevant information scattered through the web and the various websites. You get a bird eye view of all the information at once that is presented throughout all job portals.
  • Another benefit of the portal integration is that it provides integration of both external and internal data sources
  • Portal integration also has options to personalize content for various target groups, such as, client’s suppliers and employees. Everything is done by maintaining a specific level of security and confidentiality
  • It provides you with active user interaction of all types i.e.,
  1. Daily Active Users (DAU) – users expected to interact on a daily basis
  2. Weekly Active Users (WAU) – users expected to interact on a weekly basis
  3. Monthly Active Users (MAU) – users expected to interact on a monthly basis
  • Portal integration has a single entry point i.e., single method of signing in and creating records. This maintains the data hygiene and security
  • Our Portal integration tool is powered by a search core which is capable of searching through all the data sources at a brisk speed. Hence, it provides you with the relevant data faster
  • It’s run on strong operating platform which is user friendly and visually easy. Its operating system also allows you to make the full use of the features of the portal
  • Even multichannel communication through various client platforms is provided by us. It encourages exchanging the data in a structured format
  • The right type of information architecture lays out the information in a user friendly way

So with the help of emploAstar portal integration tool you can boost up your recruitment efforts. Resumes can be submitted for parsing one file at a time, or multiple files in an archive format. This makes it possible for recruiters to save a lot of time and effort

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