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onboarding software

Onboarding is the process of where a new employee gets to understand the new company and its culture. EmployAstar’s onboarding software is a user friendly tool that supports a smooth transition for new hires. It helps teams to communicate with one another and track the new employees hiring progress. It also connects the organization's applicant tracking system and performance management system to provide a perfect transition for the new employee.

Having an onboarding software will reduce the time spent on administrative tasks by the HR managers, hence they will be able to focus on other relevant tasks. With a standardized process the hiring team won’t have to create a new program to match the candidate as it will be consistent and applicable for the role. By following the already established guidelines you will not lose important information of the new employee

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Features of LakeB2BConnect ’s onboarding software:

Reduces Paperwork

When a new candidate is hired, they will have to go through an unending process of filling forms. However, with LakeB2BConnect ’s employee onboarding software you no longer have to go through this tedious process. Our onboarding software has a standardized form where all the relevant information is sorted and stored in on place. Hence you will not miss out on important information of the candidate and since it is automated chances of errors is very less. Therefore, a lot of time is saved by the employee and the HR team.

Onboarding Software
Employees onboarding software

Employees Agreement Documents

We can customize onboarding software according to the organizations requirements. The agreement can be provided in the latest forms to help the new employee understand the process making it easier to fill the forms and save time.

Background Verification

Going through a background check of the new employee is no longer feasible today although it is crucial for your organization and new hire to be safe. However, with our employee onboarding software, the employees background verification can be done with just one click. When the new hire gives approval for background verification the HR team will receive the update and it can be done effortlessly and you don’t have to face any bottle necks.

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Predefined Workflows

Automation can be done for LakeB2BConnect ’s onboarding software so that organizations can set up process for each role and department. You will be able to set various automated workflows like setting goals and reminders for the new hire and internal team along with specified instruction at every step. The responsible person will be notified after the completion of every step so that they can move on to the next step to completed the process and then never worry about it again.

Access to Employee Data

Employee onboarding software is the right tool for both employee and employer as they will have access to all the relevant employment information. It includes employee handbook and other employee benefits as well.

Onboarding Software
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Update on the new hire’s progress

With onboarding software you will know at which stage your new hire is in the onboarding process. The software will clearly display every step that is completed which can be followed by the HR department and the employer. Trainings can be scheduled and the hiring team can also review the performance of the new employee.

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HR Onboarding Software simplifies the administrative tasks of the HR team

  • With Onboarding software, you can remove all the tedious manual tasks which take a lot of time. With an automated HR Onboarding Software all this is done effortlessly and there is no room for errors.
  • You can use the available templates to assign tasks, create deadlines, and send notifications to remind task owners if tasks are not completed.
  • You can create a customized checklist to create a professional onboarding experience. As per your organizations requirements you can also include tasks such as tax forms, ID badges, and more to avoid delays.
  • If you are looking for a cost effective hiring software, then LakeB2BConnect ’s onboarding software is the best. Investing in this software is sure to bring a better ROI.
onboarding software

How does LakeB2BConnect ’s HR onboarding software work?

Make first days for new employees a cakewalk

With LakeB2BConnect ’s onboarding software you can make the first day of your employee a hassle free process. With a customized onboarding software you can gather electronic signatures send welcome emails, IT checklists, etc.

Use effective onboarding process to retain employees

New hires tend to decide in the first few months whether to stay with the organization or not. So, its best to have an effective onboarding software which can create a big influence on their decision. An organized software will make your organization look welcoming to new employees which can help stay there for a longer time.

Make them feel accepted

By keeping new hires engaged from the moment they accept their offer. You can send a welcome email and follow up with onboarding tasks to be completed at their pace. You can also introduce them to team members to keep them engaged and productive.

Builds relations

Employees who had a friend at the same organization feel engaged, productive, and successful. HR onboarding software makes introductions easy for new employees with their respective teams and can also share common interests helps them create instant connections.

Improve time-to-productivity for new hires

A well-structured onboarding software help new employees to be more productive and also increases retention rate. So, organization who use onboarding software are sure to gain maximum benefit from it.

Save time and resources

With digital signatures hiring candidates from various locations has become easier. With online onboarding the HR department will save valuable time and resources.

Onboarding software is flexibile, affordable and user friendly. You can connect with new hires from anywhere in the world. New hires can easily navigate through LakeB2BConnect ’s onboarding software to find assignments that need to be completed and can submit the same from the same space. The process requires minimal effort and you save time.

We can customize the right features for your organization as per your requirement. So, if you want to invest in the best onboarding software, then call us today.

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