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LakeB2BConnect ’s ATS Software Solutions are designed keeping in mind varied needs. We understand that our advanced Applicant Tracking System will be used for all kinds of recruitment and staffing needs, and as such, our software is best-suited for staffing agencies, contract staffing needs, corporate HRs, and campus hiring of talented aspirants.

Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies act as a vital link between employers in need of qualified candidates and job aspirants looking for the workplace they belong to. And since these agencies are responsible for a task as critical as matching the right candidate with the right job position, they are never short of employers contacting them for the ideal fit, on one hand, and candidates in hunt for their dream job, on the other. Not to forget the tedious process of organizing and managing candidates along the hiring pipeline – conducting interviews, screening candidates, shortlisting them followed by introducing the selected ones to their respective employers, and so on.

All of the tediousness can be taken out of the equation simply by using LakeB2BConnect ’s advanced Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Our staffing agency software offers 360-degree solutions for staffing agencies. Right from the initial stage when the resumes start pouring in up until the final selection stage wherein the candidate that fits the bill is introduced to their company, our recruitment solutions can cover all processes. All resumes will be structured in an organized manner via advanced resume parser and powerful search feature, candidate information will automatically be stored and updated as they move through the hiring pipeline, and automated emails and SMS will be sent to their relevant recipients, up until the final phase of onboarding.

Staffing agencies can drop the load of monotonous and time-stealing paperwork and, instead, direct their efforts towards the hire of quality candidates.

Recruitment software for staffing agencies

Contract Staffing

The job market has evolved in a myriad of ways, one of which is the ‘permanence’ involved in the hiring process. More often than not, companies are in need of professionals talented in a particular niche who can render their services on a temporary basis – enter the concept of contract staffing wherein candidates are employed on a short-term basis for a pre-defined time period. However, be it recruitment agencies or internal teams of companies, the process of sourcing, recruiting, maintaining, and managing candidates and their information can be a massive hassle, that is, if done manually.

LakeB2BConnect ’s advanced recruitment solutions ensure a hassle-free experience for organizations, right from the initial stage of candidate sourcing up until final selection and beyond. Besides powerful job posting integration, resume parsing, and search tools, organizations can even manage their contractual employees’ financial activities via tools for automating invoice, billing calendars, Profit and Loss module, expense tracking, time-sheets, leave management, and so on. This is especially useful since there are quite a lot of recurring contract information and financial entries involved under contract staffing. Plus, since the entire process takes place on autopilot, agencies and organizations can save precious time that would otherwise be spent on performing repetitive tasks, which act as a parasite, deterring companies from focusing on more important matters such as exploring potential candidates’ credentials and skill-set.

Staffing Agency software

Corporate HR’s

Companies, small or large, but especially the Big Players, have hundreds, if not thousands of aspirants waiting in line to secure a job position. As such, hundreds of job applications and resumes come flooding through the gates of the HR departments. Managing and segregating so many resumes is hard enough; the scenario can be even worse given there are commonly many applicants who may send in their resumes multiple times, accidentally or intentionally, in hopes of a response.

Since time is the equivalent to money in today’s dynamic and fast-paced world, corporate HRs cannot and must not waste their currency on such tiresome tasks, especially when LakeB2BConnect offers its advanced recruitment agency software – our powerful Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can help the HR departments in job postings across multiple boards and platforms, parsing resumes for speedy shortlisting, conducting examinations and interviews, sending automated texts and emails to candidates, tracking candidate information up until the final stage of on-boarding, while keeping in sync every professional involved in the recruitment process. Naturally, the efficiency and productivity of the HR departments will improve, and at the same time, the most qualified of candidates will be hired.

Recruitment software for staffing agencies

Campus Hiring

The race to bagging the best candidate and the best job position starts right from college days for companies and job aspirants alike. Competition is cut-throat and for organizations to bring home the ideal fit before their competitor, they must take charge and implement a strong campus recruitment strategy, the basis of which is an advanced recruitment agency software as provided by LakeB2BConnect .

We provide campus hiring software wherein the entire process of campus placement, right from the time of inviting Corporates to hire through to the process wherein hiring managers screen through job applications and shortlist candidates, interviews, group discussions, up until final selection of candidates, can be automated and performed with greater efficiency via creation of a robust student database, powerful search engine tools, and tools for candidate pre-screening and evaluation. As a result, not only is the campus hiring process fair and transparent but it is also fast and effective, enabling organizations to welcome the best-suited candidates.

Campus Hiring features includes:

  • Students Database
  • Powerful Search Engine
  • Pre-screening and evaluation process

Need a solid recruitment strategy for quality hiring? Start with an advanced Applicant Tracking System, start with LakeB2BConnect !

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