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Recruitment CRM
Understanding your customers deeply and humanely is the utmost importance in today's competitive business environment while keeping all the important records at one place
LakeB2BConnect ’s promising recruitment CRM solution can be implemented effectively to establish formal communication with customers while letting you keep track of every interaction with your customers.

Invest in Your Business Relationships with Our Leading CRM for Recruitment


Easily automate your sales, marketing, and service in one platform. Avoid data mishaps and enable consistent messaging.


Make the most of LakeB2BConnect ’s top features & integrations, easy implementation and great support at an affordable price.


Get Cloud based SaaS service that is mobile-ready, fast, and simple to use.

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Supercharge your sales, marketing, and service

All-in-One CRM Software

Keeping records updated has never been easier. You can now keep and record email details, contact details, any previous interactions, order, and sales history and many top-of-the mind customer-related details as well.

It’s easier than ever to track leads, manage sales pipelines, perform sales forecasting, communicate with clients, sign sales contracts, assign tasks, and more. Automated workflows for the customers are easier with LakeB2BConnect .

A Futuristic Recruitment CRM Software created for your big & small business needs

Recruitment CRM




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Free Demo

Enhance Customer Experience with LakeB2BConnect ’s CRM Software

LakeB2BConnect ’s top of the line and industry leading CRM software allows for the consolidation of all client data and interactions in a unified environment.

In this way, all employees have a holistic view of the customer behavior, which helps approach customers in a more personalized manner taking into account the requirement and expectation of every single client. This helps increase customer satisfaction rate, drive customer loyalty and improve overall customer experience. Most of the LakeB2BConnect clients have a great level of satisfaction due to the leading CRM Software module.

Recruitment CRM

Small or Big, LakeB2BConnect ’s Recruitment CRM Management Software is Scalable & Capable

Staffing Agency software

Your business may be small or big, but your aim is only one and that is growth. A growth curve requires more customers, more relevant data, more employees and more processes. LakeB2BConnect CRM can provide small and big businesses with all the tools required accelerating growth.

Easy-to-use CRM allows SMB and big organizations to easily manage the complete buyer cycle not overloading employees with unnecessary complicated functionality or any manual tasks. Moreover, by implementing a highly scalable solution like ours, small, medium or big businesses will be able to expand CRM capabilities in common grounds with company growth.

Increase Revenue with Effective CRM Management & CRM System

customer relationship management

LakeB2BConnect ’s CRM (customer relationship management) software is majorly used to increase business revenue through the improvement of a business’s relationship with its customers.

Real-time & Accurate Data Updates

The aim of any SMB organization is to consolidate all confidential customer data at one place. In the era of technology, CRM acts as a hub for all team members to access needed information including, contact information, communication history and customer history at one’s finger tips.. With the ability to update data in real-time, the chances of duplicate data entry and inaccurate information zeroes down.

Sales Would look Brighter than Ever

LakeB2BConnect ’s CRM has a tremendous ability to automate many time-consuming tasks, sales teams are able to spend more time on the field with present and potential clients. Our CRM also helps sales representatives with building a sales process, creating a step-by-step map on closing deals and reducing sales cycles hence leading to profits.

Customers are Kings, Make them Feel Like On

It’s very critical to place all customer information into one central space so that customer needs are met quickly and sales teams can seamlessly move through their sales cycle, CRM keeps the focus on the customer, who are the kings of every business. LakeB2BConnect ’s CRM helps businesses assess and streamline customer needs, which improves the customer service experience

CRM Management software
Built on Salesforce CRM

CRM Software for Recruitment

LakeB2BConnect CRM module is built on Salesforce platform. Technology is the only strong factor that can help your business up and running. It’s no secret that strong customer relationships are essential to business success. CRMs, or Customer Relationship Management systems, can be a helpful way to improve these relationships and stay on the top profit lines, especially when managing a diverse set of audience to keep it all straight, which is where CRM systems can come into play.

A top CRM platform allows a great is one approach to managing a company's interactions with not only current customers, but also future or prospective customers. It involves using futuristic technology-based platform to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support, so it’s basically a one-stop shop for your customer support.

Deliver the most thriving business practices to your customers and make an impactful impression on your customers. LakeB2BConnect CRM’s practices can help you achieve the business customer goals in a jiffy.

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