Dashboard Reporting Software

Dashboard Reporting Software a Must for Modern and Growing Businesse

LakeB2BConnect 's dashboard reporting software will help create dashboards from multiple data sources through which you can analyse key performance indicators and relevant business data in a visual and interactive way. Organizations can use our dashboard software to monitor business performance and make strategic plans to achieve business goals. You can also get a custom built dashboard reporting software that will help create your own dashboard reports thereby saving a lot of your time and resources. It is important for companies to have a good dashboard reporting software as it helps in organizing marketing data in one location. With LakeB2BConnect 's dashboard software you can create a perfect data visualization and combine them into valuable dashboard reports. It will help you to monitor critical issues and make well informed decisions. You can access this software from anywhere using your mobile devices. Moreover, it can be customized according to your business' requirements.

By storing your data in one central place, you can analyse data with just a couple of clicks. This enables you to monitor real-time business performance, anytime and from anywhere. You can collaborate with your teams by giving access to dashboard reporting software so that everyone is on the same page. LakeB2BConnect 's Dashboard Reporting Software helps managers to stay updated on the company's activities by monitoring critical issues. It is an easy-to-use, low-cost business analytics tool designed for companies of all sizes.

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Dashboard reporting Software

Features of LakeB2BConnect 's
Dashboard Software

LakeB2BConnect 's Dashboard Software

Interactive Dashboard

From regular data sources you can quickly create new dashboards and reports

LakeB2BConnect 's Dashboard Software

Key Performance Indicator

You can access data from a single dashboard and create department-specific dashboards making it easier for executives to access the most important data instantly.

LakeB2BConnect 's Dashboard reporting Software

Customized Access

You can customize it as to which employee will get access to which dashboard and report.

Dashboard Reporting Software

Timeframe Comparison

Employees can compare their performance to their previous work and identify areas for improvement.

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Data integration

LakeB2BConnect 's Dashboard Software integrates with your databaseand can be the main analytical tool forthe entire organization making it easier to employees to access data from their own database.

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Alerts can be sent to users' email address to notify immediate changes in performance.

LakeB2BConnect 's Dashboard Software

Web Accessibility

LakeB2BConnect 's Dashboard Software is accessible from any device with a Web browser. Therefore, users can access their dashboards and reports from anywhere.

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Built for Mobiie Apps

Can be operated on smartphone and tablet devices and fast mobile apps.

Use LakeB2BConnect 's Dashboard Software to get access to data from any location

Dashboard reporting tools allow users to interact with data on a single screen where they find detailed information about business performance which helps them to achieve goals. You can identify business opportunities and it will keep you updated with business analytics. It gives you instant access to data from any location enabling you to monitor business operations, generate automated reports and visualize key performance indicators.

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Get customized Dashboard Reporting Software and Make Reporting Accessible to Everyone

With LakeB2BConnect 's Dashboard Reporting Software you can schedule date and time for your reports to be automatically updated and sent to all selected recipients. Reports can be sent in different formats to key decision-makers at your defined interval such as daily, weekly or monthly making businesses' life easier. With Dashboard reports easy-to-read nature anyone can understand quickly as it helps you to analysis data in one glance and keeps management staff informed about current business activities. You can create dashboard reports that fit your business needs by using dashboard templates. You can monitor data and send alerts when you are facing issues thereby helping you to make quick decisions and act accordingly. So, if you want a custom built dashboard software we can build the dashboard for you based on your specific parameters. That way, you can share your dashboards with anyone you want, in just a couple of clicks or send an automatic report to everyone who has access to information and is on the same page as you.

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Benefits of using LakeB2BConnect 's
Dashboard Reporting Software

Boosts Efficiency

Boosts Efficiency and Decision Making

Since all data is stored on a single screen and it is the crucial link between employees and company's strategy. Therefore, it helps management to make quick and well informed decisions on time.

Identifying Business Trends

Identifying Business Trends

Enables managers to identify positive business trends so that they can make actionable and better choices to improve business.

Customized Reports

Customized Reports

LakeB2BConnect 's Dashboard Reporting Software is a user friendly tool. Thus, reports can be tailored as per your requirement.

Access real-time performance

Access real-time performance

You don't have to go through endless files obtain up-to-date analytics as it can be accessed with just a few clicks using Dashboard Reporting and saves a lot of time.

Visualizing Business Reports

Visualizing Business Reports

While analysing spreadsheets data, you are likely to overlook valuable information and make mistakes. Nevertheless, with LakeB2BConnect 's Dashboard Software visualization of reports simplifies presentations. LakeB2BConnect 's Dashboard Reporting Software helps business analysts, BI experts, controllers and managers to easily access, monitor, and report data from any data source. Marketing data can be organized in a way that suits you best, helping you to make informed decisions for your business. So, if you are looking for a dashboard reporting tool with interactive dashboard, you can call us at emplyAstar anytime for more information.

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