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With the amount of data that’s being put on the web the data security has become a primary concern for the companies. These days’ data are not just figure, stats & metrics but it contains a far more amount of personal and sensitive information. Moreover when the data is being sourced from so many platforms it becomes a complete profiling of an individual in many cases. Hence, the leakage of data can cause a person or a company, sometimes minor but sometimes major complications and problems. When it comes to a company which is primarily dealing in client data, it becomes an obligation to provide the data security of optimum levels.

LakeB2BConnect ’s Roles and Permissions is designed to provide you that optimum level of security that you deserve and it’s flexible according to your requirements. The biggest benefit of Roles and permission is that the access to the data can be set according to your organizational hierarchical order. To capture that in one line “the permission will be granted according to the role”.

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Through LakeB2BConnect Roles and Permissions any client can leverage the access of the data to different departments within the company on the basis of their utilization and seniority. It also ensures that highly sensitive data will get protected and will only be handled by the persons who are responsible enough to maintain the integrity of the information.

The system used here at its core is known as RBAC (Role Based Access Control). It gets further divided into two parts i.e. MAC (Mandatory Access Control) & DAC (Discretionary Access Control).

Handling and analyzing network access is essential to Data security. Access should always be granted on the basis of the knowledge and research requirement of the job role. Big organizations have an endless pile of data, and with thousands of employees working it’s easier to a maintain data security through restriction than expecting the same amount of integrity from everyone, which more than often result in data leakage.

The other advantages of this service are:

  • It reduces administrative work and IT support: It will reduce the amount of paperwork to be performed every time a new employee joins the company. It will also not require the passwords to be changed at every new login. Moreover it will allow you to maintain the data restrictions by just implementing the restrictions based on level access and can be maintained throughout the company on a global scale. It also makes the third party users to stick to their pre-defined roles.
  • Efficiency is guaranteed: By restrictions you save the precious time which usually gets wasted on the monitoring. On the other hand monitoring never works too well and 24×7 monitoring is practically not possible. It further follows a streamlined approach which makes the business operations far more organized.
  • Adherence to the legal boundaries: with RBAC you can fulfill the statutory and regulatory laws more efficiently. It maintains the data confidentiality. Its importance is strongly felt in the fields of health care and financial institutions.

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