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Advantages of using recruitment agency software

Recruitment agency software from LakeB2BConnect helps recruitment agencies source, and interview potential hires for their clients. This software can be custom-built for multitasking enabling you to get from one place to another in the software without losing your place.

Managing hiring processes is challenging when performed manually. However, with Recruitment agency software from LakeB2BConnect , you can automate hiring processes, and focus on identifying the right talent for the right job. Listed below are some of the advantages of using recruitment agency software for your business:

  • Speed up the hiring process and reduces the time it takes to identify and hire the right candidate.
  • Helps Grow your database and enables candidates to directly upload their CVs allowing you to reach a wider audience.
  • Reduce administration work by automating jobs postings on several job-boards sites, saves time, and simplify scheduling interviews.
  • Increase hire quality and store resumes in one place and sorting them based on various categories and with specific skills.
  • Improves communication by using one system and updating any information taken on a candidate helps you to treat all of the candidates equally.
  • Keeps track of job applicants and automatically updates any action taken on a candidate allowing you to ensure none of the applications goes missing.
  • Improves your performance by noticing significant inefficiencies and opportunities to become a better recruiter.
  • Available 24/7 so that you can access the software anytime and from anywhere which will improve your productivity by responding to various queries quickly.

When using recruiting agency software, make sure it has in-built candidate pools so that you gain access to loads of talent with the click of a button. This helps nurture relationships with more people, thereby creating a warm talent pipeline which will translate into transitions from job interest to hire.

Nevertheless, you’ll save valuable time and effort in your process by using Al sourcing, CRM, and data & analytics tracking. With this software businesses and HR teams will be better equipped to do their tasks.

Today, top businesses are using Staffing Agency Software to drive productivity and profitability. It enables the expansion of functionality and speeds up evaluation. It helps your HR team respond to candidates before your competitors enabling your company to grow faster.


The list of day-to-day tasks that can be performed efficiently are:


Social recruiting


Manual tasks


Communication and scheduling


Job postings


Applicant tracking


Applicant tracking

Features of LakeB2BConnect ‘s Recruitment Agency Software

It is not an easy task to hire the right candidate for a particular job. HR teams have a lot of responsibilities when hiring the candidate. By installing the right recruiting agency software covers everything in the recruiting pipeline; sourcing, applying, screening, interviewing, offering, hiring, and onboarding. You will get multiple tools in one software. These include:

Sourcing tools

The software can scan job boards and social media to deliver qualified candidates right to your system and immediately creates candidate profiles ranking them among the rest of your talent pool.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Recruiting agency software’s ATS manages basic information on a candidates’ skills, work history, and status in the hiring workflow. It also offers to resume parsing capabilities by converting candidate resumes into the relevant data fields.

Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)

Staffing CRM software’s major functions include recruiter workflows, keeps track of candidates, and automates customer
relationship management.

Integrates Email and calendar

The Staffing Agency Software can associate the email or calendar item with the candidate and/or employer
making it much easier to browse and you get immediate access to all the data you need.

Candidate assessment

Cloud HR Software has built-in assessment tools that will automatically filter out unworthy andidates, saving your time
and helping you to focus on top talent.

Candidate matching

Based on candidates’ skill set, work experience, and job requirements it matches relevant candidates to the employer and

Interview scheduling

Staffing agency Software automatically schedules interviews making job seekers’ and recruiters’ lives easier.

E-signatures and background checks

The Cloud HR Software has built-in screening tools that will simplify your tech stack, making it easier for you to collect the documents.

Detailed reporting

With the Cloud HR Software dashboards and data you get from candidates, you can post future hiring.

Social media integration

Cloud HR Software helps you to connect to social media sites to share job openings and recruit new candidates.

Time, and expense tracking

Online HR Software has an inbuilt tracker to track important back-office information such as employee time cards, invoices, and expenses to make sure their resources are being used appropriately.

Employer tracking

This is the CRM component of the Online HR Software. Every company gets its own ID and workflow code. This includes
basic information about the employer, their hiring requirement, etc. /p>


LakeB2BConnect ‘s Online HR Software is useful because it has everything you need in a single platform. Most recruiting companies have achieved success with ATS tools. Recruitment agencies gain a lot from using the best Staffing Agency Software as they can streamline their recruitment process and improve efficiency. With recruitment software, companies can streamline the tedious tasks in their hiring process. It gives them more time to directly interact with candidates to know them better. Its emphasis building business relationships and provides a pleasant experience for job seekers.

Frequently Asked Questions

+What is recruitment agency software?

LakeB2BConnect ‘s recruitment agency software helps hiring agencies to source, track, and interview potential candidates for their clients.

+What are the different types of software that are good for recruitment agencies?

The software which is good for recruitment agencies is, ATS, sourcing tools, candidate databases, CRM5, interview
scheduling software, timesheet, and expense tracking.

+Which is the best recruitment agency software?

LakeB2BConnect ‘s recruitment agency software is one of the best available in the market.


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