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A powerful search engine is a quintessential requirement of a huge data base. We at LakeB2BConnect provide a huge data base of the prospective candidates for our clients and to sort it out we provide an extremely powerful search feature which is capable enough to penetrate through that amount of data and find the right information for you.

How about we start by clarifying the advantages clients will have from a site containing a powerful search feature. To begin with, individuals are always in a hurry and request instant information which will enable them to reach to a conclusion as fast as they can. A lightning fast search feature is the best possible way to search something relevant on an extensive and complex database.

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Next, an internal search feature allows guests to perform there search in a simpler way without getting confused by the complex navigational structures of the websites data collection. The search feature becomes utmost necessity for a service that is constantly updating its data. As the website and the information content keeps increasing the clients will find the utility of the search feature more and more. Moreover according to the survey the rate of revisiting a site is directly correlated with how good the search feature works.

LakeB2BConnect ’s powerful search is custom made for your recruiting needs and its proper functioning is always at high priority. It resembles the customer centric approach of the LakeB2BConnect services. On the other hand it’s a tool for us which provides us with the information about the search pattern and helps us to make the features more clients friendly.

LakeB2BConnect ’s search feature comes with various filters such as Skills, Experiences, Resume ageing, Categories & Buzzwords. The skills `feature enables you the search the desired candidates on the basis of the specific skills. Hence if you are looking for candidate with specific skills he or she can be instantly found. Experience feature is for the clients who are looking for candidates who have a considerable amount of experience in a particular field. Apart from this you will find a custom made search based on the various categories. You can even perform a search based on buzzwords i.e., keywords.

Apart from all this our search feature runs on an intelligent mechanism which records the information of the entries you made. Hence the more you search, it becomes more customized as it presents all information regrading recently added, updated, and viewed resumes with a single-click making the process faster.

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