Billing and Invoicing Software

Billing and Invoicing Software
LakeB2BConnect ’ billing and invoicing software is easy to use software which helps HR Departments to perform accounting and financial tasks. Managers will be able to track time, engage with employees, show status updates, due dates, create customised invoices and get paid online faster. The software will help you manage your billing and invoicing and ensures timely and consistent collection of payments.
LakeB2BConnect ’ billing and invoicing software is an automated process therefore, it reduces errors which may occur due to manual data entry and saves time by sending recurring invoices and ent reminders. This software can be used freelancers, small businesses, professional firms such as legal or medical services to keep your revenue flowing smoothly.

Benefits of LakeB2BConnect ’s Automated
Billing Software

LakeB2BConnect ’s invoice module can generate accurate invoices, segregate them for easy payments, and tracking and follow up on transactions making the payment collection process faster.

Maintains Time Sheet

Maintains Time Sheet

It tracks employees time with attendance management to reduce compliance risks and maintain every record of employees’ login and logout details.

Tracks all Transactions

Tracks all Transactions

It effortlessly tracks all transactions, keeps track of time and bill your clients.

invoice software

Payment tracking

It helps track paid and unpaid bills and tracks expenses and employees’ who have received payments and who are yet to receive, making the payment process faster.

Billing Procedure

Billing Procedure Through Email

Invoice module is more organized and lets you track employees’ transactions and save records in one place helping you to perform billing procedures through .

Customer Friendly

Customer Friendly

Multiple invoices can be generated instantly and sent to the employees’ or clients. It is user friendly where your customers can view their invoices and make payments.



Can be customized to track the employees’ invoice status, send payment reminders and invoices directly to the client, and also follow up on late payments.

Features of LakeB2BConnect ’s Billing Software Module

Features of LakeB2BConnect ’s
Billing Software Module

  • Keeps track of employees invoices paid, unpaid and their due dates
  • Saves you from late payments and can customize payment term making it a smooth process
  • Helps collaborate with stake holders and keeps them updated about invoices viewed and paid
  • Perfect tool for auditing as it automatically tracks invoice from receipt to payment
  • Customizes clients and employees’ invoices based on your company’s agreement
  • Adjust AP staff workloads
  • Automatically adjusts with your bookkeeping framework tables

Get the Best Invoicing
Software for your Company

It is important for organizations today to have the best billing software which can save the HR professionals time and increases efficiency. Invoicing software reduces your hard work and should be easy to use and affordable. Therefore, LakeB2BConnect ’s billing and invoicing software is a great choice for businesses and HR departments that need bookkeeping and accounting functions.

LakeB2BConnect ’s billing and invoicing software creates accurate invoices and ensures bills are paid on time. It also tracks transactions to enable faster payment. We have been serving clients for almost a decade now and today we loyal clientele from various countries.

We cater to all businesses big or small and assure excellent customer support whenever you need it. So, start keeping track of your employees and clients invoices and stay away from unwarranted risks.


Frequently Asked Questions

The best invoicing software for HR departments and businesses is from LakeB2BConnect as it can be custom built to fit your company’s size and needs. You can send multiple invoices instantly and send it to your employees’ or clients thus, saving a lot of your time.

Yes, the invoicing software user friendly and it speeds up your work when creating and sending invoices to employees and clients.

LakeB2BConnect believes that every company needs a good billing and invoicing software that can track your invoices paid and received. It also keeps track of when your employees and clients receive their invoices and records all of that data in your other accounting and bookkeeping systems. This helps you to perform the task quicker and with much less effort and our software is economically priced.
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