Expense Management Software

Manage your business finances on Expense Management Software

EmployAstar’s expense management software is an application that helps employees manage expenses in multiple ways. The software simplifies and automates employees’ business expense entry such as flight tickets, car rental, lodging, food, laundry, business calls, and shipping of work-related items.

Expense Tracking Software also covers employees travel policies, reimbursements, expense tracking, and travel cost management. It helps your organization in eliminating the paperwork and reduces administrative effort. Our high-quality Expense Management Software cater to all sizes of businesses and makes it easy to keep track of your employees expenses.

At LakeB2BConnect we guarantee organizations that by using our automated expense management software they are likely to reduce risks related with traditional expense management and it also checks reports for policy violations before reimbursing them. An expense management software helps organizations by accurately reporting on all expenses which will enable them to make better decisions about future spending and also inform them about necessary adjustments to its policy.

It integrates with ERP thus eliminating manual entry of data, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. Once expenses are approved by your managers, it is then automatically scheduled for payment which results in faster employee reimbursement.

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Expense Management Software

What does LakeB2BConnect ’s Expense Tracking Software do?

With expense management software employees can upload an image of the receipt which is stored on a unified dashboard which is helpful for approvers as they get access to employee’s expenses on a single platform. Since every reimbursed expense can be effortlessly tracked back to its source along with supporting evidence, it is ideal for accountants for their internal and external auditing.

Our expense management software comes with in-built features to ensure that policy violations are tracked and mitigated effectively. Alerts are sent to the concerned person in case of breach. Expense management software gives employers the permission to add and modify expense policies to meet their budgetary goals. It also helps admins to take quick decision of policy violations. It streamlines expense report approvals and speeds up the process and is adaptable to changes in policies.

Features of Expense Management Software

Features of Expense Management Software

  • It tracks expenses and stores them in robust databases
  • The software manages invoices, strengthen compliance and reduce risks.
  • Eliminates the risk of double entries and expense errors.
  • The software is automated and saves important details
  • Can be customization as per your requirement
  • Allow access to multiple users
  • The software will integrate with time tracking software
  • Expense Tracker App can be used on mobile devices

Expense Tracker App a Boon for People On the Go

LakeB2BConnect ’s expense tracker app can help you keep track of your spending when you are working in office or working from home. The expense tracker app can manage your expenses by simplifying how you record your income and spending. It is designed for your smartphone and other mobile device. Now you can effortlessly scan the receipt to create a digital image. This can be stored in a file used when required by your accountant or for someone from your tax office. With our expense tracker app you can scan the documents just using your phone and when you are on the move.

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Advantages of using an LakeB2BConnect ’s expense management software

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EmployAstar’s expense tracking software for today’s growing businesses

Our expense tracking software meets compliance and security requirements. It can be a good choice for business and can be customized depending on your needs. It is affordable, user-friendly, efficient and profitable for organizations. It is the best tool that saves time and resources in user-friendly way.

So, get your expense management software today and boost your organisation’s financial productivity. You can contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

EmployAstar’s Expense management software can be used by employees who travel frequently and occasional travellers to ask for approval before booking travel and to submit expenses they already incurred. Managers use it to track the teams’ expenses and try to find ways to reduce spending. Contractors, accountants, consultants, freelancers, or project managers who collaborate with companies can also use this software to submit expenses.

Today’s businesses are switching to an automated expense management software to expedite and upgrade the process of expense reporting, approval, and reimbursement as it reduces both work and errors.

Yes, our expense management software can be customised as per your company’s requirement and budget.
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