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Background checks were once considered a formality, but now it has become one of the most essential and defining steps, before completing a recruitment process. Now a day, every organization prefers to have a thorough background check before hiring. Anti-social activities and legal problems are prime concerns for the verification, as it is one of the foremost duties of a company to provide a safe working environment.

Moreover even from a company’s point of view, they don’t want to suffer any loss by hiring an individual with criminal intentions. Even the governments around the world have made it mandatory for all the organizations to perform a background check so that terrorist activities from within the system can be eliminated.

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Apart from the above-mentioned points, another benefit of the background check is that you get the right candidates as there previous work associations and work history describes a lot about his or her temperament and skills.

At LakeB2BConnect we help organizations in screening resumes and perform a thorough background verification based on the databases we have. Such information can be extremely beneficial for the risk management. Background checks also help in confirming the presence along with degrees or certifications earned and can provide specific information about prior employment. In usual circumstances, the background checks are either telephonic or physical and sometime it takes a lot of money and time. But with LakeB2BConnect you can verify a candidate’s background instantly through our database. It will enable you to find that perfect candidates based on the past work they have done. You will even instantly have the information about whom to reach out in case of further verification. Let’s see some basic benefits served by a thorough background check:

  • To give a protected work environment to employees and clients
  • To enlist the most qualified individuals who will develop your business, rather than diminish it
  • To reduce the employee liability and making it a shared responsibility
  • To support genuineness in the application and meeting process
  • To eliminate candidate with harmful or inappropriate past records
  • To guarantee a proper recruitment every time

As should be obvious, there are various essential reasons pre-business record verifications are vital and an extensive variety of information they gather. Most importantly pre-business record verifications are a decent venture, since they lessen the expenses by keeping the problems at bay which originate from employee behavior and bad publicity

From a company’s point of view a bad hire costs a lot. It’s not only the legal compliance but it will cause other problems. The overall cost of hiring that individual will become an absolute waste. Moreover the training, wages and benefits will be wasted on him. From a broader prospect we can also take various other issues into consideration such as, direct and indirect cost of damaged or stolen funds, materials, equipment, work environment, customer goodwill, and employer reputation.

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