Time Tracking Software

Boost your employees’ performance with LakeB2BConnect ’s Time Tracking Software

Time Tracking Software

LakeB2BConnect ’s time-tracking software is a tool used by managers and employees to record time spent on tasks or projects, billing, payroll and operations. It monitors how much time an employee spends on assigned tasks and other computer activities. It also tracks login and log out time, idle time, employee attendance and also the time an employee spends on other websites.

LakeB2BConnect ’s timesheet software allows employees to enter the time spent in performing different tasks. It is ideal for offices with heavy paperwork where employees can enter the time they’ve spent on tasks into electronic timesheets which is then approved or rejected by supervisors or project managers.

It also records the activities performed on a computer and the time spent on each of them and shows the usage of applications, documents, games, websites, etc. It can be used by both small and big companies across industries such as, healthcare, finance, educational institutions, IT and government organizations, etc. to monitor the productivity of employees.

employeAstar’s timesheet management software can be used by companies to automate routine processes and ensure that employees work efficiently and remain focused on achieving their goals.

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Benefits of employstar’s
time tracking software

User- Friendly

User Friendly

LakeB2BConnect ’s time tracking software for employees is simple and user-friendly. It saves time and increases productivity.

Time Tracking software

Time Tracking

It automatically captures how much time an employee spends on their computer on various tasks, websites they browse, applications, documents, etc. It also tracks the time employees were actively using the system and for long they were away from the system.

Data Security

Data Security

Employee time tracking software gives access to users, administrators, managers, HR teams, etc. The data is secure as it adheres to the highest data safety standards, encrypted, and password-protected.

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

It improves your work performance as deadlines for each task are clear and can be monitored. Therefore, time wasted is less.

Motivates Employees

Motivates Employees

Time tracking software builds trust between managers and staff as the staff is accountable for their tasks thereby putting managers at ease. This gives the employees the freedom on how to meet their deliverables.

Reliable Reporting

Reliable Reporting

Time tracking software shows you detailed information in real-time, and it is very easy to understand. It guarantees data will not be lost, and the checking process will run effortlessly.

Excellent Technical Support

Excellent Technical Support

Technical support from LakeB2BConnect is excellent as their support team is always responsive in answering all queries relating to the software.

Avoids Disagreements

Avoids Disagreements

With our Time tracking software hours are tracked and recorded accurately hence avoiding internal clashes.

How companies will benefit from using LakeB2BConnect ’s time tracking software

  • Monitor work from home

    The Time tracking software will help companies to monitor their employees who are working from home. They can see when the employee logs in and their logout time, how much time they were active or idle.

  • Tracks active and idle times

    Most organizations notice employees taking long lunch breaks, spend time browsing the net, chatting with co-workers and also take frequent coffee breaks, which adds up to an increase in idle time and eventually affects their productivity level. With LakeB2BConnect ’s timesheet management software you track exactly when they are active during the working hours and when they are idle.

  • Monitor data on premise

    With the on-premises solution we monitor and process and it is kept on servers/computers.

  • Attendance tracker

    You can track if the employee is actually working during the day and improves attendance and efficiency.

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Features of LakeB2BConnect ’s Time Tracking Software

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