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These days all the possible sources are being assessed online for recruitment. Now recruitment is not limited to job portals, rather all social and interactive platforms are being accessed and used to find the right candidates. In this scenario, there are various freelance recruiters working in the corporate sector today. In recent times freelance recruiting has emerged quickly but it’s a hell of a tough job as its multitasking is very demanding. On the other hand, freelance recruiters don’t have the support of an organized system.

These freelance individuals work on their own without any proper setup. Although, they enjoy the comfort and growth of working in a free environment the hard work and multitasking take their toll. This is the sole purpose we created LakeB2BConnect freelance module, as it will help even the freelancing HR’s to manage their recruiting more effectively without compromising their freedom.

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LakeB2BConnect provides individual logins for freelancers, where they can upload candidate resumes according to requirements. Through this individual login, they can access our database to find the right candidates and on the other hand, they will enrich our database by uploading the candidate’s resumes.

This will provide them higher flexibility and access; thus increasing the chances of finding the right candidate for a job.

LakeB2BConnect is a cloud-based recruitment service. It has been offering its services for the last 15 years and has successfully placed more than 1,00,000 personnel. Our Applicant Tracking System is built on the world’s no. 1 CRM platform, Salesforce. Being based on Salesforce authenticates the credibility and security of the centralized database we have. As a freelancer one can utilize the technical prowess of our platform to get ahead of others.

We have an extremely powerful internal search feature that is as competent and fast as google itself. It lets you go through our database, which by the way is huge and is constantly being updated. So finding the candidates on our platform is extremely easy and more organized.

Our Social Recruiting & Portal Integration lets you go through all the job portals and social platforms at once to find out the best talents. This is a huge advantage for freelance individuals as this cuts their multitasking significantly.

Our recruitment business model has the framework of generic recruitment agencies with the efficiency of a cloud-based system. It will go well with the freelance working style of an individual. We are trying to connect the individual and independent recruiters with our system and help them grow together. It will be more beneficial for recruiters when they are working on a deadline and the vacancies need to be filled. At that point, our extensive, varied and verified database will prove extremely handy.



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