ATS Software Features

All our features are customizable, automated, integrated, centralized, secured and cloud based. The backbone of our system is the Salesforce, CRM platform, which allows you to use, our enterprise level features to parse resumes, source candidates, integrate communication, recruit via social platforms, setup interviews, schedule appointments, get approvals and utilize all various modules needed in recruitment a procedure.

Resume Parsing

Resume parser will scrap off all the irrelevant information from the relevant ones

Powerful Search

A powerful search makes your research superfast and time friendly

Email and SMS integration

Bulk communication at your ingertips by integrating emails and sms contacts

Job Management

Manage all necessary steps of recruitment procedure from start to finish

Social Recuiting

Use social platforms to facilitate those unique profile requirements

Portal Integration

Access all the job portals and social platforms from a single integrated interface

Interview Scheduling

Schedule flexible timings for interviews to reduce no shows and increase probable candidates

Appointment Management

Eliminate appointment lapses while facilitating maximum interactions between the managers and the candidates

Approval Process

No more delays caused by hindered proceedings due to lack of timely approvals

Reports and Dashboards

Analyze every aspect of the talent acquisition strategy with enhanced graphical representations

Roles and Permission

Inculcate data hygiene and data confidentiality among the organizational hierarchy

Vendor Management System

Centralize a staffing process in multiple lines of business while streamlining supplies

Billing Calendars

With timely notifications a bill will never get mistakenly paid or overpaid or paid more than once

Invoice Module

Instant invoicing without missing a single detail along with automated client wise segregation


Time tracking module with attendance management to minimize compliance risks

Profit and Loss Module

Instantly summarizes the cost and expenses incurred in a recruitment process

Insurance Module

Documents tracking and archiving gets extremely easy even for decades with EDMS

Expense Tracking Module

Comprehensive expense sheets tracking all expenses along with automated reimbursement

Leave Management Module

Customize the leave policy to ensure the presence of required workforce everyday

HR Spoc Login

Improve your HR Strategies with constant and verified feedback to identify the shortcomings

Background Verification

Proper risk management with verified past records from database


Even freelancers can manage their work by logging into the system and accessing the database

Referral Module

An organized referral system for employees to enhance the quality of recruitment


We provide exceptional results for our clients.

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