LakeB2BConnect ’s referral module for faster & better recruitment

Increase workforce & steady retention by LakeB2BConnect ’s referral module

Employee referrals are the most common and usual mode of recruitment in corporate sector these days. Many companies prefer this mode as it can provide some quality candidates and set some accountability.

LakeB2BConnect provides a platform that allows your employees to make consistent referrals. It encourages and motivates employees to contribute to the resume database and provide the company with better candidates to choose from. This can be made a continuous process by using the referral module provided by LakeB2BConnect . Some benefits of the LakeB2BConnect referral module are:


  • Employee referrals generally hold a better quality as employees know the requirement better and understand the working mechanism of the company hence; they will only refer the candidates that are best suited for the position. They will also be extra cautious before referring someone as his referral will be an obligation to his or her judgement
  • Recruiting through the referrals is a much faster option than hiring through any job portals. Moreover hiring through job portals may require many necessary steps, which can be skipped in referral module
  • A referred employee joins immediately and settles faster in the organizations as he is already aware about the work environment & company culture through his referral. Even for the probation period he or she is better equipped, as they have someone who could solve their doubts on a personal level. This also provide new employees with better comfort levels and they feel less alienated
  • Referred employees are more likely to stay or work longer for the companies because of the moral obligation they have towards there contact. It also motivates the referring employee as he feels more at place as his judgements are being appreciated and the work environment has become more familiar
  • Referral gives you the option for a more extensive candidate pool as hundreds of employees have numerous professional contacts which an organizational recruiter is not aware of. Moreover it fetches that passive candidates whom you might not find on job portals as they are not looking for job, but will be interested if some awesome offer comes by there way
  • Websites like Glassdoor lays out a platform to provide the reviews about their companies. There will be good reviews and there will be bad reviews. But referral help to counter the negative reviews as it spreads a positive picture of your company. Even in this online era, the things people discuss among themselves have a quite larger impact than what is written online
  • Referred candidate are more likely to share a good image of your company among the friends

A good employee referral program provides workforce with a better sense of ownership and belonging as the company is giving importance to their judgement and rewarding them for a right one.



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