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Emailing candidates one by one is tedious task which takes lots of work. During a recruitment procedure a tons of time goes to sending individual emails to the prospective candidates and it has no time limit; as unless the recruitment is over it will have to go on. Then there are candidates, who like to receive the updates on SMS. Hence, during a recruiting procedure, an HR or the team has to be up on their heels to perform this email and SMS sending procedure constantly. The task further increases, while going through the replies of the candidates and resolving their issues and relevant updates.

LakeB2BConnect ‘s email and sms integration does this job for you, as it provides you with an automated format. LakeB2BConnect provides pre-defined customizable template based email generation tool that helps you to send emails easily to candidates or clients. It also allows you to go through your mails faster & more efficiently. LakeB2BConnect ‘s Email and SMS Integration can be used to frequently be in conversation with the candidates throughout the globe.

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Email and SMS Integration further simplifies the job as it saves that effort and time which you can dedicate in going through the profile of the candidates to find the suitable one rather than sending more and more emails. Messaging to the targeted candidates is another stuff you can bank on. It puts out automated sms for the candidates which you can predesign based on the templates.

The biggest benefit of email and sms integration is the Bulk Communication. You can reach out to all your prospective candidates at once. Through this system Mass emails can be sent to all the relevant candidates based on the specific requirement at once.

By the help of this service you can intimate all the candidates about the profile, the requirement, the interview dates and lots of other information and developments at once.

Some other benefits that can be achieved through the bulk SMS and messaging provided by the LakeB2BConnect ‘s SMS and email integration are:

  • It speeds up the recruitment process as the response time has reduced considerably.
  • It reaches out on a much wider scale and informs all the job seekers about the new openings.
  • It also allows you to organize the emails and the text SMS according to different criteria such as skill level, preferred industry , location, salary expectation and more.
  • You can immediately notify all the applicants about the ongoing application status.
  • You can embed links, which have additional information about companies or employment status, in your text messages.
  • It will allow to connect with the candidates on a personal level
  • It has the potential to attract the qualified job seekers

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