Appointment Scheduling Software

Appointment Scheduling Software

Appointment scheduling software increases your organization’s overall revenue

LakeB2BConnect ’s Appointment Scheduling Software is developed for businesses and professionals to help them manage their bookings and appointments effortlessly. In today’s digital world paper-based calendars and planners are no longer used for ppointment tracking. Most of the companies are opting for our software as it has becoming a must-havetechnology for every service-based industry. It is the most useful and effective tool that will help automate scheduling processes for customers and employees to book appointments and to organize meetings. Our software is a perfect solution that will help you save time on time-consuming tasks.

Apart from scheduling appointments the Appointment Management Software also assists in appointment rescheduling and cancellations and online payment processing. It is also programed to send automated reminders to customers and capture their data that can be later used to run effective marketing campaigns. Appointment Scheduling Software is used in various industries such as, financial services, healthcare and beauty, food service, fitness and recreation, education, auto maintenance and field service. This tool enables professionals and organizations to improve their proficiency in scheduling and booking appointments. Moreover, with automated scheduling procedures you will no longer miss appointments, thus increasing your organization’s overall ROI.

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Features of LakeB2BConnect ’s Appointment scheduling software(Sub Heading)Staff Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling Software

Staff Scheduling

Employers and HR department teams can effectively manage employee work hours and their progress by tracking their calendars in real time.

Appointment Scheduling Software

Customer Scheduling

LakeB2BConnect ’s scheduling software provides customers the flexibility to view the calendars of all professionals in an organization so that they can schedule an appointment with any employee they prefer.

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Automatic Reminders

You will be able to send automatic notifications to employees or customers through email or text message about upcoming appointments.

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Calendar Management

Calendar Management

It helps you to schedule meetings or appointments on your calendar and share them with employees or customers at various locations. Moreover, if you are using third-party calendar apps such as Google Calendar you can synchronization your calendar app with it.

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Appointment Scheduling software

Real Time Automated Scheduling

Appointment Management Software allows you to confirm or deny an appointment immediately after making an appointment request. If an existing booking is rescheduled or cancelled it can manage and replace the appointments accordingly.

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Manage Promotions

You can promote your products and deals for a specific time on your employees or clients calendar to attract more bookings.

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Accepts Online Payments

Accepts Online Payments

Our software seamlessly integrates with electronic payment gateways which allows you to collect payments as soon as customers book appointments.

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Online Bookings

Online Bookings

The software helps customers to book, reschedule, or follow up on appointments over the Internet by using an in-built drag-and-drop interface. It also helps users to make online bookings that automatically synchronize across multiple devices.


Use Online appointment scheduling software to improve overall productivity of employees

Online appointment scheduling software is designed to to book appointments online, and allows businesses to track those appointments and meetings organized. This tool is especially valuable to businesses and HR departments to schedule appointments, view calendars, print schedules and forms and customize schedules.

Online appointment scheduling software also facilitate cancellations, rescheduling of appointments, and will also assist with various online payment options. It sends alerts to all parties involved enabling businesses to run effective and targeted multichannel marketing campaigns. Businesses in many different fields can use online scheduling software to their advantage as well. It improves the overall productivity of your staff and attracts new clients and also retain existing clients.


Use Online appointment scheduling software to improve overall productivity of employees

Retains Customers

Appointment scheduling software makes it easier for customers to schedule appointments whenever they want with a few clicks. They no longer have to wait for business hours to book an appointment. With an appointment scheduling tool, clients will know when you are available and can schedule appointments accordingly.

Boosts Revenue

With automated software employees have more time on hand. Hence they can focus on responding to clients and other revenue-generating activities boosting daily revenue for the company. Moreover, integrating the software with electronic payment gateways can expedite the billing process so that businesses are paid on time.

Boosts Efficiency

With scheduling software service specialists can easily cope with customer appointments during peak hours. They will not face the risk of double-booking appointments which would result in frustrated customers and less efficiency. However, with this automated software it enables easy booking, rescheduling and confirm appointments with clients so time is not wasted.

Utilize Staff Efficiently

You can keep track of upcoming appointments and autonomously sends emails or text messages to clients reminding them about their appointments. It also allows employees and customers to confirm appointments through these notifications, thereby reducing missed appointments and allowing businesses to utilize their staff efficiently.

Use appointment scheduling software to save time and increase your company’s revenue


Online appointment scheduling software will automatically sync your appointments across multiple devices. You can confirm or deny an appointment giving businesses the ability to manage a waitlist. LakeB2BConnect ’s online appointment scheduling software integrates with payment gateways enabling businesses to collect their payments through this platform. Users can also share their calendars with customers and request an appointment at a time that works best for both parties.LakeB2BConnect ’s appointment scheduling software is one of the most important assets for any organization. So, make the right decision and buy the best tool for your company and increase your revenue.

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