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HRMS software

LakeB2BConnect ’s HRMS software is designed for business leaders and human resource professionals to help them simplify the hiring process. It is one platform where you can communicate and also manage and develop the various skills of your employees. Employee records and payroll are stored in a structured manner to help streamline work and save time. Hence, the HR professionals can now focus on recruiting, employee performance and talent management that will enhance employee productivity, branding, etc.

Our HR software is built to support every part of your organization’s HR process and in managing your organization. It will help you in managing employee records so that you can follow your employee's success from recruitment to retirement. With LakeB2BConnect ’s human resource management system in placeorganizations no longer have to worry about old and inaccurate data as you can access employee’s current data from no matter where you are and whenever you need it.


HR Software

Customize your HRMS software and save time and resources

Human resource professionals no longer have to go through the tedious HR tasks to track data. With our flexible, simple and customized HRMS software anyone can use it. All your data is stored in one place saving a lot of your time and resources. Our teams will customize the human resources management system in a way that's perfect for your company.

Human Resource Management System

Improve Employee Experience and get excellent Business Results with HR Software

HR teams can now use our HR software to bring on board new hires more efficiently. They can communicate and keep themselves update about employee’s progress across the organization. LakeB2BConnect ’s human resource management system is accurate and most trusted by various companies. Hence, it is used by companies of all sizes as it can improve employee experience and take it to new levels and can drive excellent business results.

Why choose LakeB2BConnect ’s
HRMS software?

hrms Software

Get the right candidate for the job

All relevant information regarding the candidate is sorted and stored on a single platform making the hiring process easier. You can communicate with the candidate regardless from where you are. People involved in the hiring process can keep themselves updated on the progress thus, making the HRMS more productive and profitable.

HR System

Make employees first day memorable

With HRMS Software new hires will no longer have to go through paper work where you need to fill forms. All these time-consuming and tedious activities are automated. A welcome mail can be sent to the employee and familiarize himself with the organization.

HR Management Software

Recognize and reward the deserving employees

The annual performance appraisal of the employees and achievements can be updated on the HR software making it easier for the employer and HR department to identify training needs plan future promotion opportunities and reward any employee of their hard work.

hrms System

Keep track of employee time management

You can keep track of every part of your employee’s lifecycle, time off requests, run reports to evaluate their performance across the organization, etc.

Key functions of LakeB2BConnect ’s HR software

Our customized HRMS will ensure it drives employee productivity and help organizations grow and adapt to changes for the success of the organization. Some of its key functions are:

Make the right choice for your organization by selecting LakeB2BConnect ’s HR Software


At LakeB2BConnect we understand the need of a good human resource management system for all organizations irrespective of its size. That is why we have developed the best HR software that can help organizations overcome common business challenges, increase employee efficiency and productivity and provide a fast ROI.

LakeB2BConnect ’s HRMS software automates mundane HR’s administrative tasks and allows them to focus on relevant functions in the company. We assure you that by executing our HR software your businesses can surely boost employee engagement.

So, make your HR activities a hassle free process and take advantage of LakeB2BConnect ’s human resource management system today!

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